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Remember right after Newtown, when all the gun-nutty Senators hid under their desks and dodged the media? Remember how they ignored the families of the slain children of Newtown? Remember how they decided that NRA money was more important than the lives of innocent little kids? Yeah, me too. Bastards, the lot of them.

Lest you think they have grown a conscience in the year since that horrible gun crime was committed, here is the proof that they have not: “Republican” Ted Yoho is holding a family gunfest tomorrow, on the anniversary of the Newtown Massacre. A family event, bring your children and let them shoot guns. On December 14th. Really.

His staff says it’s a coincidence. This gun-owning blogger does not believe that for one second. It is no such thing; it’s a deliberate poke in the eye to all of the parents who are still grieving over their lost kids.

Some in Washington have grown: Senator Joe Manchin has evolved , for instance. But the majority of those “representatives” who were bought by the NRA have remained their loyal prostitutes , opposing any and all legislation to tighten down on criminals or to fund mental health care (the two things that could help prevent another such slaughter).

No, Repubs and Gun Whores still do not care if you die. They still do not care if your six-year-old gets butchered by a maniac with a gun. They only care about pocketing large sums of cash from the arms industry.

Remember this betrayal, Gentle Reader: some in Washington have your back. But the vast majority of Teapublicans would sooner see you shot in the back instead.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Or at least, the ones who catch him lying and stealing. You see, reporters caught him plagiarizing great chunks of his recent “book”, and when he was pressed on the matter, he wished aloud that he could duel with them. Dueling is, of course, two pissed-off people with weapons, trying to kill each other. So, Senator Paul is publicly announcing his desire to murder anyone who catches him breaking the law.

That, friends, is the Tea Party summed up; and, to a large extent, the “Republican” party as well. They want to do whatever they want, whenever they want, to whomever they want, and to be above the law while so doing. They think they should be allowed to silence, jail, or even murder anyone who disagrees with them, or attempts to point out the crimes they commit.

Think about Rand Paul, and his stated desire to kill people who make him look bad. Think about that when you vote.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Mr. Blunt and Cranky has this crazy theory, and it goes like this: the Founders were smart people who argued, haggled, debated, and In the end wrote a Constitution that said exactly what they meant. Nothing more, and nothing less. And if we don’t like something, we can bust our arses and amend it. (Yeah, a crazy notion,eh?)

But when people read the Constitution, they cherry-pick the bits and bobs they like and pretend the rest is not there, or that “the Founders were just kidding with that part”. That is not the act of a law-abiding citizen, folks. No matter if one is a Supreme Court justice or some regular schmuck, we have to respect the entire law. Including the Second Amendment.

People love the second part of the sentence, yes they do. But the first part, about the “well regulated militia”? Even Fat Tony and his posse at the S.C. tend to gloss over that bit.

The only reason to have battle-specific weapons is to fight a battle. And the only smart way to fight a battle is in an organized military group. For that matter, it is the only legal way to do it. So if you’re not in such an organization and you own and use military-style armaments, you are not in compliance with the law of the land.

Don’t like it? Pursue an amendment. But until you get one, just obey the friggin’ law.

Mr. B & C

Rep. Andy Gipson (R-Sphincterville) recently said, via Leviticus (20:13 for those of you aren’t hip to the Scrip) on his Facebook page, that gays should be killed. Here’s a snip of the page, for you Thomas-types out there:Image

Later, he went on Facebook again, refusing to apologize, saying “I do not, cannot, and will not apologize for the inspired truth of God’s Word. It is one thing that will never change.” So, you’re down with killing the gayward. We got it, Andy. You might be a hateful little bigot, but you are at least consistent. God’s word will never change, thus you’ll never be OK with gay folks unless they are dead.  Despicable, but reliable. We know where you stand. Even if it’s the lower level of a two-story outhouse, we know where you stand.

One wondered if he refused to wear nylon and wool at the same time (one shudders at the thought of a poly/cotton mix – oh, the shame, the shame of it); sold his daughters into slavery, or indeed  performed each and every one of the other actions required of we poor souls,  in that unchanging book that is Leviticus. If not, how could he live with himself?

And then, shock of all shocks, the next day, he said he didn’t really mean “killed”. Wait a minute, boyo, you mean God’s word DID change? News to me, I have to say.  Or did you mean that you just decided to stop following it? So much for “never”. 

Most of us think never means, well, never. Evidently, this jackanapes thinks never means “until I am in danger of actually having to work for a living”. Or “Until I realize what an ass I’ve made of myself”.

Nope, here’s the deal: he’s just another lying, two-faced politician who got caught shooting off his yap. His word isn’t worth the spit behind it, and his promises are worth their weight in gold.

If it weren’t the fact that he was using the Bible to make himself look bigger than the pathetic little twerp that he actually is, he might “never” have been noticed at all.

Mr. B & C


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