The title should be amply predictive of what you’re about to read on this blog. I have grown sick of the screeching of the Radical Right, as well as the fringes of the Loony Left. Either these fools can’t do basic math (they are a teenytiny minority, and this country is alleged to be run by the majority), or they think that their passion, purity, vision and virtue will somehow trump the fact that they possess all the weight of a fart in a tornado, and have about the same proportionate impact.

For the past few years, the Radical Right has been more of a pain in our arses (and ears), due to their financial clout and control of media outlets. Used to be the other way around, and I expect it will change back again someday. This will, of course leave the Center SOL, so if I am still blogging then, I’ll be just as cranky – but I’ll kvetch more about the Loony Left at that time. For now, it’ll likely be about 70-30 venting about the Right, since they piss me off about that percentage of the time.

For starters, let’s ask this musical question: what kind of people say they want small government, but actually want to control the smallest details of the private lives of citizens?  Answer: Hypocrites and/or liars. More on that next time.

Mister B&C