Your humble correspondent feels it necessary to respond to yet another example of partisan tunnel-vision and ignorance: the notion that Centrists may be easily gulled into moving to the  Left or Right. This time, it was Rick Santorum (the unclaimed lovechild of Mazarin and Richelieu), who said “we don’t win by moving to the middle. We win by getting people in the middle to move to us”.

Ricky my lad, people aren’t Centrists because we are stupid, or can’t make up our minds, or are easily swayed by the slick talker of the moment: we are Centrists because we reject the extremes of the political spectrum. Neither the communists nor their neo-libertarian opposites are in any way, shape or form a viable option for government –  as has been shown when they have tried to rule in years past. Eventually, Centrists sigh, roll up their sleeves, and clean up the mess left by the idiots.

For Mr. Blunt and Cranky, the study of history has shown him that any attempt to con or coerce the populace into following an extremist ideology will have a short shelf life, and later come apart in a spectacular fashion: extremists assume it can’t happen to them, because they are right. Reality check, kiddies: the wingnuts who tried and failed before you to rule the world thought the same thing, and they were just as full of crap as you. From kings and prophets of old to Karl Marx, those who have tried to make people comply with the ideology of ignorant extremism end up wearing dunce caps and jester’s costumes as they are tossed onto the scrap heap of political history.

We are Centrists  by choice, and we are the majority.

Back tomorrow with the promised health-care explanation.

Mr. B & C.