Watching the media coverage during the current silly season, this Centrist is reminded of the old Walt Kelly cartoon, in which it is (tongue in cheek) explained that “the road has shifted”. In that scenario, one might have been Left or Right, but with the road moving to one side or the other, one is redefined by their position on the redefined L-R axis. However puckish Mr. Kelly may have been, there are a whole lot of political types who actually do thus categorize us. To which the only possible response is “who the hell are you to define me, politico-boy?”.

The partisans want us all to define ourselves based on their vision and terminology. But that is a load of steaming donkey bollocks, especially if one is not a partisan. Mr. Blunt and Cranky feels the same way about the role of government as he did in 1976, and regardless of roadwork or reframing of any type, he is an avowed opponent of extremists of all sorts, and his political stance hasn’t budged much at all. Those of us who occupy a position may define ourselves sans pavement, thank you very effing much.

Last week saw the nomination of a strong Libertarian Party candidate for President, which allegedly “proved” that the road/electorate had shifted to the Right (as it had allegedly shifted to the Left back in the 60’s). If party labels were proof of anything, a case could be made for that. But of course, party labels mean nothing over the long haul, so the non-lemmings among the American electorate need not feel obliged to repaint ourselves with yellow or white stripes (or asphalt) to go along with this attempt to reframe us.

The presence of an additional Rightist candidate proves nothing about the American people or their position on some mythical “road”. All it proves is that some new con artists (please, God, tell me they don’t actually  believe the crap they try to sell us) from small political parties are trying to jump on the train and slurp up the gravy.  None of these parties believe in one damned thing, except for this: they want more power, money, and influence for themselves and their fellow party members.

Ignore the candidate’s place on the road (left, right or center), ignore their speeches, and most of all look at their funding sources. Who pays their bills during an election will call the shots after they are elected. Money and power are coin of the realm in elected office, not positions on some stretch of metaphorical pavement.

Next time: an alternative to the whole silly-arsed “road” metaphor.

Mr. B & C.