There are many people advocating for a “Return to traditional America”, or something of such. Lots of people have their own Wayback Machine-induced vision of what that America used to be: for that matter, Mr. Blunt and Cranky has fond memories of his youth, and the superiority of what seemed a simpler time to that of the present day. And all things considered, he wouldn’t mind a few changes that would help restore some of the virtues of the past, without repeating some of the mistakes of the past.  (Oh, and FYI – one cannot ‘Restore Our Future’, since the future hasn’t happened yet. Duh.)

This writer would never want the segregation of his childhood to be reintroduced, for instance. Nor does he wish to see a repeat performance of the violence and carnage of the 60’s.  Revolutions can accomplish change, but lots of people get hurt or killed in the rush to achieve sudden, drastic change.  Far better to take our time, strive for consensus, and work together to change when it is really needed. That is a good working definition of conservatism: the desire to keep what is good, and carefully prune away only what is not working.

Of course, you might never know it, given the largely successful hijacking of the label, especially since the late 70’s. The “Conservative Revolutionaries” have, by dint of media ownership and strict message discipline managed to get a large number of Americans to believe that forcibly removing  most legal and societal actions ( in spite of the fact that the majority of the country approved of these things) of the past 150 years somehow equals being  “Conservative”.  Wholesale destruction of good and bad alike, the deaths of thousands and dispossession of millions in the service of the radical dreams of a crazed minority: that’s supposed to be “conservative” these days. A masterpiece of NewSpeak: Orwell would have to applaud it.

Not that the extreme Left is any more conservative than the Right, but at least the Lefties rarely claim conservatism as one of their characteristics. However, the extreme Left wants some severe additions and subtractions from the status quo that would hurt a lot of people in the creation.

No, if you want true Conservatism, you head to the Center.  The Center isn’t much on revolutionary anything, really: we are more of an evolutionary lot. The Right are a load of bomb-throwing, hairy-eyed revolutionaries. The Left want a pacifistic, kind and fluffy sort of revolution. But revolution is what both wings want, and devil take the wishes of the majority.

Much talk is made by wingnuts of how one needs to “break eggs in order to build an omelet”. The American people should all remember that we could well be the eggs that get broken. And then we’d be consumed  en masse, that being the fate of eggs and omelets.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky