That just might win an award for “most unexpected B & C title” – a centrist applauding chaos? Surely you jest:

Number A: (Insert Leslie Nielsen punch line here)

Letter 2: Said chaos is mostly confined to the partisans, and this Independent finds their consternation to be a source of great entertainment as well as an occasion for gleeful snickering:

The gist is: two attempts to decrease the excessive influence of the political parties over the citizenry appear to be working, which has the panties of both sides in quite the twist. General Washington would be proud of Californians today: they took the redistricting process away from the partisan politicos in the legislature; and they made the primaries non-partisan, allowing the people’s top choices to be elected, regardless of party affiliation. People over parties, wow, who’dathunkit?

Yessir, this week is shaping up to be a good one for we non-lemmings.

Mr. B & C