Last night, the attempt to recall Wisconsin’s governor failed. Over the winter and spring, one Repub wound up winning enough primaries to gain his party’s Prexy nod. These two cases might seem unrelated, but each of them reflects the way our nation now operates in this brave new world of the  monetized electoral process.

Yes, there were other forces at work in each case: the typical Dem ineptitude and lack of unity was on full display in Cheeseland; and Romney’s win was at least partly due to the fact that the other candidates sucked even more than he did. So money was not the only factor in play. But in both cases, the person with the most money won.

We see this throughout politics, to a greater and greater extent each year. Money is discussed as a deciding factor and candidates are graded on how much they have on hand; so too are parties.  And regulations that used to safeguard our political process from the out-and-out purchasing of political power have been thrown in the dustbin. Money is now openly acknowledged as the key to political success.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky proposes a label for this player:  “The Green and Folding Party” (there were other possible monikers, but this one was the least profane). In honor of its ascendency, he further proposes that the other two parties be absorbed into its rustling embrace – after all, neither party can live without cash, and both have become totally subservient to it.

It has long been a joke that we ‘have the best government that money can buy”.  It is no longer a joke, it is becoming reality.  That being the case, we might as well drop the pretense and name it accurately.

Mr. B & C