Mr. Blunt and Cranky has been taken to task for not being nice enough in his blogging. His answer:Have you actually read the title of the blog lately?”.  It is not LightAndFluffy, SoftAndCuddly or NambyAndPamby. C’mon, this is a rare case of truth in advertising. If you’re offended by a post, wait a while, you’ll probably be happy when someone you don’t like is offended by another post (just like they probably were when you got ticked off). But don’t be acting all shocked and s**t when the writing here sounds, well, blunt. And mayhap even a wee bit cranky.

 He also gets some weirdly out-of-context replies. To a recent post on religious freedom, he got a response about friggin’ Obamacare.  Firstly, Obamacare has nothing to do with religion (stuff it, Cardinal Whatsyourface) – it has to do with health care finance, period. Second, Obamacare isn’t perfect, but at least the skinny, big-eared schmuck made an attempt.  That beats the do-nothing types in Mr. B & C’s book. In any case, the comment had nothing to do with the blog post.

Out-of context replies (along with some of the tools provided by WordPress) usually reveal that the commenter hasn’t read the blog post before posting their reply. And they wonder why they don’t get personal responses…

 Too, he gets a lot of heat for not being objective. This blog makes no pretense of being impartial: it is a way of articulating and promulgating a viewpoint that pretty much gets hind tit (at best) in the present-day marketplace of ideas. Being in the center does not make one fair and balanced. It makes one a Centrist. 

Finally: Mr. Blunt and cranky has a firm grounding in the rules pertaining to writing in the English language. He knows full well that he over-uses parentheses, does not always use the semicolon perfectly, and so on. The blog is written in a certain tone that is intended to resemble his conversational speech, and if a jot or tittle is incommoded in the process, well, shucks, them’s the breaks.

Keep the comments coming – this writer was a kickball champion in his youth. One must make one’s own entertainment in this economy.

Mr. B & C