Mr. Blunt and Cranky never listens to talk radio – the constant ads for herbal Viagra, tax cheating services, fake gems and other “products” are just too annoying, regardless of how amusing the chatterer may be. So he is relying on “news” reports for this week’s winner.

An opinionator named Barbara Espinosa (no idea which party or wing thereof she prefers) referred to President Obama as a “monkey”, and followed that ever-so-erudite bon mot with “I voted for the white guy”; after which she insisted that she was not a racist. (“With a last name of Espinosa I’m anything but racist”, was her alleged proof of non-bias.)

Some quick google-icious activity will  reveal  wherein one can read her post-rant bilge.

The notion that being part of a “minority” group renders one free of racist tendencies is patently false: there are blacks who hate whites, jews who hate arabs, and so on.  Lots of people are proud racists, some are closet racists, some are in denial, some try not to be, and a very few are not racist at all. But one is not guaranteed to be free of racism merely by family heritage.

The biggest liars are those who lie to themselves. Ms. Espinosa has by word and deed proven herself to be a racist who lies to herself and others about it. A most worthy recipient of this week’s Crown O’ Polished Turds, the award given to the LSoSoTW.

Mr. B & C