Apologies for the late post – chez Blunt and Cranky was whacked by last Friday’s storm, thus taking away access to that thar Interwebbie thing.

Last week’s recipient of the highly coveted Crown o’ Polished Turds was Senator Rand Paul (to be fair, having been named after that atheist White Russian whackjob probably doomed him to a life of teabaggery), who said that just because the Supreme Court said something was constitutional did not make it so.

He is a liar and not just a fool, and we know this because Senators are given a crash course in civics and governmental structure when they arrive in Dizzy City. He knows better and is lying so as to inflame passions and inflate his billfold. C’mon, Aynnie Boy, you can be better than that.

Ladies And Gentlemen, we give to you (and feel free to keep him) Senator Rand Paul, this week’s LSoSoTW.


Mr. B & C