The link points to an article on a “White Trash” reception, paid for by rich lobbyists to buy the votes of rich Congresscritters, at a themed event mocking a large percentage of Americans who all too frequently vote for politicians who stab us all in the back after using us to get into office.

Full disclosure: Mr. Blunt and Cranky has at times lived in mobile homes, and yes, one of those was in a trailer park. He has been a member of the classes known as “dirt poor”, “working poor”,” lower middle class” and is now is finally in the “middle class”. He grew up in a small town and has since lived in both big cities and out in the boonies. He lived for a lot of years in Appalachia, and has been called “White Trash” a fair few times in his life.  Some of the best years of his life have been while living in that part of the U.S., in fact. So this makes him see red. Nay, scarlet.

So many of us vote against our own interests, but hopefully this will knock a few of us for enough of a loop that we question our voting habits. Do we really want to vote for the kind of s***heads that would attend such a reception and take money from the lobbyists who hold it? Are we really so stupid as to not see them mocking us as they take our votes and taxes, and then give our hard-earned money to a bunch of their rich pals?

Your blogger will up the blunt quotient today, because this news has made him really cranky: if you see this picture and STILL vote for the Congresscritters, Senators, Presidential candidates and such who turn around and shaft us, then you are a traitor to us all. You are enabling the screwing that we get from government and business; the discrimination; and the lack of access to the tools of success that the hard-working citizens of America need to lift ourselves up (the way we used to be able to). You further have no respect for your country, your culture, your history, your people, your family or yourself. Your ancestors would likely say the same things you read here, but not as politely – listen with your mind for moment, and imagine your grandfather chewing you out for being so easily gulled.

Now that we have seen proof that these rich mother****ers hate us, steal from us, mock us, and screw us, it is time to vote them right out and put somebody in who will give our taxes back to us, instead of handing it over a bunch of snarky greedheads with Swiss bank accounts who shut our factories and take away our livelihoods.

One more time: these people oppress, hate and despise us. We should not be voting for people who treat us in such a manner. And if you do, you are one of them, and should be treated as such.

Br. B & C