Mr. Blunt and Cranky had an extremely  long and snarky political post written for today, but has decided to dash off a few lines about two other items instead:

Number A, what the hell is with people these days? A nutcase with guns and SWAT gear commits mass murder in a movie theatre, booby-traps his apartment building, and has done who knows how much else? And then some jackass politician blames the killing on our nation’s evident lack of Godliness (Hey, Bozo, maybe we should blame the killing on the killer, whaddayathink?). That, friends, is how f***ing ugly the United States can be at times.

Letter 2, today is the 43rd anniversary of the first walk on the Moon  by two very brave American heroes. Thousands of people worked as one to accomplish that amazing feat, and millions of us watched spellbound as it happened. A nation that was then (as now) deeply divided by conflict took a break from beating on each other to just hang out together, watch and feel the moment. That, friends, is how f***ing good this country can be.

This writer knows which moment in history he prefers.

Mr. B & C