Mr. Blunt and Cranky has so many worthy recipients for this week’s Crown O’ Polished Turds, he may have to outsource the manufacture thereof. There are multitudes of these worthies, and it would be unfair to leave any of them out. He speaks, yea, verily he does, of the “Social Welfare Organizations” who are calling for the defeat/victory of Obama/Romney even though they are not allowed to do so.

These groups (run by Rove and funded by who-knows-whom) are running ads that are pretty damned explicit, and doing it tax-free and behind closed doors, thanks to an amazingly stupid Supreme Court ruling: they are advocating for and against the candidates, and are hiding behind laws meant to benefit charities that do, well, actual charitable works.

Your cranky neighborhood blogger is particularly hacked off about this, because he has  a friend who runs an actual non-profit organization under a 501(c) designation – his is dedicated to raising money for cancer research. These people bust a** to do something good for their fellow citizens.

Rove and his fellow loophole-enabled scumbuckets are using laws meant to encourage people to take care of one another, and using them instead to line their already corpulent pockets and steal elections. Because of their most awesome lying scumbucketry, we not only place the COPT upon their noggins, but we shall grace them with a Bucket O’ Pond Scum right before their coronation, so that the populace may better know what sorts of eminent individuals that they are dealing with.

Mr. B & C