Mr. Blunt and Cranky was driving on a rural road today, and saw a yard sign for John Boehner; the usual thing, not everyone takes them down after elections, particularly in the boonies. It’s been on that yard since before the last congressional election, and has become a barely-noticed part of the scenery. As he drew closer, he realized that the sign had recently been “updated” by the homeowner.

That updating took the form of a big X across the Speaker’s name. Said X was made of duct tape (in rural Ohio, we use the stuff for everything, up to and including contraception [don’t ask]). The householder is so ticked at Boehner that he didn’t just chuck the sign away: he made it into an anti-Boehner statement.

We hear a lot about Congress’s low approval ratings, and they are well-earned. This is something different – rather than just a passive low rating, we see an active campaign against the Speaker by a former admirer. The sign owner is not just disapproving; he has changed sides, and is so hugely ticked off at his “representative” that he is now attacking Mr. Boehner via his yard sign. 

Congresscritters, take note. Your cushy jobs may not be a safe as you think they are.

Mr. B & C