Mister Blunt and Cranky has been mulling over the Presidents he has dealt with in his adult life, and what made some of them better or worse than others.  He has come to the conclusion that the best Prexies were the ones who understood what it meant to be an average American, and the worst were the ones that did not.

Starting with the first one he ever voted for: Gerald Ford.  The child of a broken, working-class home, he had a simple but demanding job  as Nixon’s replacement – calm the country down after Tricky’s constitutional crime spree, and did that job well.

Jimmy Carter: Born into affluence and comfort, he was a brilliant intellect who never really connected with voters. After leaving the White House, he showed how much more he was capable of, but while in office, his record was mixed.

Ronald Reagan: came from modest means and showed an amazing ability to connect with voters. Pity he drank so much Supply-Side Kool-Aid, but one cannot deny that he sussed what it was like to be an average schmoe.

Bush The Smarter: Born into wealth and privilege, he stepped out of that comfort zone for a while to be a war hero (yes, he really was), and then stepped back into the bubble. A good man but a mediocre president.

Billy Bob Clinton: A trailer trash horndog but a bona-fide genius. If he could have kept it in his trousers, he would have been an excellent President. Still, he did a good job of stabilizing the economy, cutting the deficit , moving people off the dole and into the workforce. Bubba understood life on the margins and in the under-and-middle classes.

Bush The Dumber: Exemplified all that is wrong with being born in the bubble of privilege and never venturing out of it. Tried everything his daddy succeeded at, and either fumbled through it or failed miserably. Wrecked the economy, enabled terrorist attacks, trashed our freedoms, and turned the United States into a bankrupt pariah state.

Barack Obama: Child of a broken home, barely above the poverty line at times and shuttled around the globe willy-nilly by a platoon of relatives. Devoted (or dumb) enough to run for President during a national crisis. Well-intentioned and able to understand the plight of the lower and middle classes. Has done a good job of triage and trauma care on a nation that was left bleeding and broke by the previous idiot.

Here’s the conclusion: the more humble your childhood origins, the better President you will make. Remember that as you choose between the lower-middle-class mixed-race kid and the snotty rich brat this November.

Mr. B & C