Mr. Blunt and Cranky does not believe in coincidence in general, and he sure as H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks doesn’t believe in it today:

On the same day that ol’ Willie M. Romney was a-campaignin’ in Ohio, the owner of an Ohio mine announced it was closing, and blamed it on Obama.  At the same time Willie was talking about Obama’s “War on Coal”. Oh, and shortly thereafter, making a speech praising said mine owner for…well apparently s***-canning some workers and blaming Obama, thus (hopefully) getting the Repubs some more votes.

All on the same day, in the same area, for the benefit of the same political party. Coincidence?  This writer does not think so. Especially given the fact that Bob  Murray, the mine owner in question, is the murderous scumbucket operator of the Crandall Canyon Mine: you know, the one that killed nine brave, hard-working Americans in 2007. Said killings due to flagrant safety violations, deregulation and lax oversight by MSHA under the Repub Bush Administration.

Killing workers or taking away their jobs, then bragging about it. THAT, if you like, is what Right Wing Republicans offer the middle class,

Mr. B & C