Yes, they actually said that. And they said it in a reliably Republican newspaper, to boot: , so we know it isn’t some liberal Donkey putting words in the Elephant’s mouth. Oh, and the ever-so-classy Doug Priesse cursed while he said his racist piece, and urged the reporter to quote him as having done so.

As a descendant of two populations that were oppressed minorities in their countries of origin, this really burns Mr. Blunt and Cranky’s gerbils. How can anyone support a party that admittedly uses racism as a political tool: that violates civil rights laws at every level of government in order to gain more power and money for itself; and that says so openly, without even a hint of embarrassment?

The modern GOP is so far from the party of this writer’s youth that he has taken to thanking God that he left the party in 1976. A party that lies, cheats and steals is sadly normal; indeed, such has been the case throughout much of recorded history. Not for nothing did President Washington warn us against allowing parties to take hold here in America.

But this is far different from the “normal” corruption and pocket-stuffing to which Americans have become resigned. When a party bases its ideology and actions on racism, they join a select (and rightly vilified) group of political organizations: like the Nazis, for example.  Every racist-centric party is the object of contempt and its members despised, as well they should be.

So, if you are an Ohio Republican; think carefully about your membership, and what your money and efforts are supporting. Do you really want to support an organization that openly avows its intentions, and then acts in the clear light of day to steal voting rights away from African-Americans (among others)?

If the answer is no, welcome to the ranks of independent thinkers. If the answer is yes, you are a racist, a supporter thereof, or both.  Yes, it sounds kinda harsh, but that’s reality.

Your choice: cast off the metaphorical chains that bind you to a party full of bigoted, money-mad, power-hungry scumbuckets; or stay in the Republican party and help to put chains back on black people.

Oh, and black Republicans? You’re the worst of the bunch, helping to oppress your brothers and sisters for your own selfish reasons. My people suffered from traitors among our own population, and had words for traitors like you. Words in English, Basque, Gascon and Gaelic: but you already know what kind of scum you are, so we’ll let your own words fill your heads and break your hearts. Hopefully your own knowledge of your perfidy is sufficient to do you the injury you deserve, and inspire you to look beyond your greed and self-love, and (maybe)  make you a part of America the beautiful once again.

Mr. B & C