Let’s say Mr. Joe B. Hunter wants a job with UltraMegaCompany. He submits his resume thereto, calls a few friends of friends, and wangles an interview. He breezes past the initial screening, and then gets pummeled at the Team Interview (AKA “the Gang-Tackle”).  As he tries to give answers that will satisfy the interviewers, each of whom have their own different agendas, he feels like he is tap-dancing while juggling flaming boulders, and doing so on very thin ice at that. Somehow he survives the ordeal, and squeaks past the team with an endorsement, proceeding on to the final interview.

Mr. Hunter thinks he is past the tough part, and all he must do now is keep it smooth, and the gig will be his. Alas, the other job applicants start working to sabotage his hiring by pointing out things that Joe B. omitted, fudged, glossed over, or just plain bullshat his way past during previous interviews. The hiring committee starts choosing sides and picking Joe apart, but he remains adamant that he is a Good Guy who has done All Good Things being treated unfairly by Those Bad People, and so deserves the job.

The hiring committee starts shaking their heads and saying “WTF?”, or words to that effect. “We have these signed documents, sworn statements, and other information that proves Joe  has not been completely forthcoming. Who does he think he’s fooling?” In the end, only a few his personal friends back his hiring, the rest of the committee outvotes them, and he doesn’t get the gig.

As one might guess, Mitt Romney is the Mr. Hunter of the moment. He is partway through his third interview, and is totally blowing it. If he doesn’t change it up, he’s gonna wind up jobless, with only a few hundred mill to his name.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky