Normally, Mister Blunt and Cranky will honor a Lying Sack of S*** for the week prior. However, after two weeks of nearly back-to-back conventions, he is overwhelmed by the plethora of worthy contenders for this week’s Crown O’ Polished Turds, and honestly cannot pick a winner. So, he shall instead provide a bit of general advice that has been of great value over the years:

“Don’t mistake smoke and heat for light”. Ever see someone trying to start a fire and producing only a smoky mess that fails to produce any light by which one might see? That.

Think of this while listening to the speeches of politicians: Much of what they say is smoke (which obscures what they do not want you to see); or heat, (to whip the crowd into a mindless, raging frenzy);  very little of their oratory, however, shines any light on the situation at hand.

This writer suggests that you disregard folksy stories, emotional appeals, finger-pointing, the creation of Others, shouting, and anything else that smacks of smoke and heat –  instead,  watch carefully for the few sparks of light that are hidden within. That’s the part that matters.

Mr. B  & C