Or, at least, ignore their illegal activities?  Either way you care to define it, the IRS is not enforcing the law, and it is being violated in a manner and to a degree that makes “flagrant” look mild. This is a picture from a Columbus, Ohio church during services today:


The IRS gives churches tax-exempt status, providing they stay out of politics. However, it rarely enforces the rule, with the result being lots and lots of churches getting involved in partisan politics.

Given the size of the National Debt, and the increasing lawlessness of campaigns in America, this writer would love to see these tax cheats made to either:

A: Pony up and pay the huge back tax bills they clearly owe, or

B: Get out of politics. (Matthew 22:21) (Mark 12:17) (The Establishment Clause)

Either way, our country would be better off.

Mister B & C