It has become an article of faith amongst many politicos that regulations kill jobs. In fact, this mantra shows up on talk radio, pundit blather sessions, and even in the official names of legislation, among other places. However, we should remember that “faith” is defined as believing something for which there is no (or insufficient) proof.

While Mr. Blunt and Cranky possesses a strong Libertarian streak, he knows that data supports a certain amount of regulation as a positive influence on the marketplace. And he humbly submits that any few jobs that might be lost due to a new regulation are not as big of a deal compared with the huge number of jobs lost due to the consequences of de-regulation.

Remember the huge financial crisis of a few years ago? That was caused by insufficient regulation and lax enforcement of existing regulations, and has resulted in the toss of tens of millions of jobs around the globe. In fact, the job losses aren’t over yet. These are tangible job losses caused by a tangible cause.

So against the hypothetical, faith-based loss of potential jobs maybe someday somewhere that might possibly be caused by future regulations, this writer presents the worldwide loss of actual jobs caused by inadequate regulations. Facts beat faith, as they so often do. 

Mr. B & C