Much has been made of the Prexy’s successes with foreign policy –  killing Osama Bin Laden, withdrawing our combat troops from Iraq, tap-dancing through the minefield that has been the Arab Spring, trade deals, sanctions, lots of stuff there to crow about. Mind you, the d***ed fool almost never does, but that’s a topic for another day.

So why do things suck so badly at home, compared to overseas? The answer is very simple: legislative opposition has a huge impact on domestic policy, so the “Republicans” can stop the President from getting much of anything done at home. And, as they have said from their own mouths, their number one priority has been to make sure President Obama has no accomplishments during his term, so as to get their own party back in the Oval Office.

Mister Blunt and Cranky has yet to see this point made in the media, so he shall do it himself: In areas where the “Republican” party has more influence, the country is held hostage to their lust for power and control, and we really don’t know if Obama’s ideas are good or bad. In areas where the “Republicans”  have less influence, we can see the President’s agenda at work.

So, the “Republicans” want to make the election about the economy, since they have been able to f*** that up and hopefully pin the blame on the Donkeys (as it were). We should look past the spin of the party bosses and look at the results achieved by the Legislative and Executive branches over the past 3+ years: by so doing, we can see that the President’s agenda, when it is allowed to work, does so fairly well.

Want more results? In the next four years? Elect fewer Republicans.

Mr. B & C