Mister Blunt and Cranky really hates the word “should”. It is a flight from reality, an attempt to linger in la-la land, and is often used to blame and shame others for not somehow living up to impossible standards:

“It isn’t fair –  I shouldn’t have to work every day”

“You should vote for (fill in the blank) or you hate America”

“We shouldn’t have to choose to between the lesser of two evils”

Let’s focus on the third example, because it is directly relevant to the upcoming election: the understandable frustration with the binary nature of Presidential Election Mathematics. Your sometimes-humble correspondent (in the tradition of President Washington) firmly believes in the abolition of political parties. So if anybody in the nation is gonna dislike the current paradigm, it’s this guy right here. But he understands that it makes no difference what “should” be; reality is what it is, so he sucks it up and votes for the lesser of two evils, sometimes holding his crooked beak the while.

So Obama “should” be more/less liberal, or have launched more/fewer drone strikes, or created more jobs, should, should s***….what a load of crap, people. He is what he is, and that is a center-left Dem.

So Romney “should” be more/less Hard Right, more/less greedy, should, should, s***…what  a load of crap, people. He is what he is, and that is a money-hungry Repub with zero convictions or morals.

There is no other choice. One of the two. D or R. Obama or Romney. What we think “should” be has no relevance. Pick the one you dislike the least, and move along. Just don’t, please, let your s***ty  little “shoulds” cause you to sit the contest out.

Mr. B & C