As you’ll recall, the Ryan Budget (which Romney’s people say he’d have signed) would have turned Medicare into a voucher system for people in Mr. Blunt and Cranky’s age group. In other words, if these yahoos win, he will be f***ed out of the Medicare benefits for which he has been paying over the past 38 years.

Do they care? No. These are not people who honor contracts or deals that do not profit them personally. Look at their records and you can see that self-interest is their M.O. They are going to steal  (or perhaps we should say “harvest”?) our money and give us nothing in return. That allows them to shift more money to themselves, their buddies and paymasters; a re-distribution of wealth that would make Nottingham jealous.

You have been warned –  if you are under the magic cutoff age, the money you have sent to Washington in exchange for Medicare will be gone. Stolen by Ryan/Romney and the rest of the “Republican” party. Stolen in broad daylight, and no cops available to arrest them for the crime: because the crime will have been committed by the lawmakers, hence it would be a “legal robbery”. Tens of thousands of dollars of YOUR HARD-EARNED CASH, stolen by the GOP.

Tell me again why you’re voting for these crooks, please.

Mr. B & C