Think for a minute: Imagine Mr. Blunt and Cranky saying to you, “I promise to be nicer”. How much do those words weigh, traveling through the air? If you answered “nothing”, you’d pretty much be right. So gold times zero equals….yep, zero. So, that’s how much a promise is worth.

In addition, what does “nicer” mean? Kind of vague, you might say, and again you’d be right. So, in addition to being worthless, that hypothetical promise means nothing. Plus, given his track record, do you really believe he’ll be less blunt and cranky? One would hope you don’t.

While reading the fact-check websites from last night’s debate, this writer is reminded of the old adage  quoted in the title of today’s post: Romney made many promises, and they pretty much exemplify both the weightlessness and vagueness that gave rise to the adage. He also is looking pretty crap on the fact-checking websites (more on that tomorrow), which makes his promises even less valuable.

Obama, on the other hand, proved (once again) that he is an inept debater when it comes to style, but told fewer whoppers and made far fewer promises. And of the promises made in 2008?  is a good list of them, and shows that he has actually done pretty well; indeed, some of the promises not kept were due to congressional squabbling and not because the Prexy did not push them.

Promises, promises. We all make them, and their only worth is in how they are kept. Romney has changed positions, lied, blown off fact-checkers and made promises that mathematics prove cannot possibly be kept. Obama has tried to keep his promises, and (so far) at least kept the majority of them.

Mr. B& C