Mr. Blunt and Cranky has noticed a disturbing trend (and he expects that you have, too) in media coverage of politicians: reporters simply repeat what the politico in question says verbatim, and almost never call “bullshit” on them, either during the event or during the stories that they later write.

A classic example came a few days ago, when Mitt Romney said that no one dies in America because they lack health insurance:

Lots of people (including this writer know better), and it took less than a minute to pull up a study proving the exact opposite:

One person every 12 minutes croaks because they don’t have health insurance. Surely reporters have smartphones and could have found the information during a press conference, and called Mitt on his statement. But nooooooo.

The majority of reporters have become nothing more than parrots: senselessly repeating whatever they have been trained to squawk in exchange for crackers, grubs, dung beetles, or whatever tasty treat they prefer. Frankly, if that is all they are going to do for their pay, we may as well fire the lot of them. Then we could just point microphones at the crooked scumbucket politicians and stream it live. We wouldn’t be any less informed that way.

Mr. B & C