Sometimes, you wish they’d at least try pretending to serve the voters instead of their parties. But not Morrow County, Ohio.

Your friendly rural blogger was driving past the building that houses the Morrow County Board of Elections, sworn to uphold the rights of the voter, to be fair and impartial, blahbittyblahblah, ramaramadingdong. He saw a Romney bus rolling in, shrugged, and continued on. After all, they might have been dropping off some forms, or some other legitimate activity.

Later on, he went by again, and saw that the bus was running a campaign event. On Board of Elections property, right next to the BoE sign advising voters of the early voting dates. Impartial? Puh-leeeeze.Image

Mr. B & C


Update: here’s the link from the Romney campaign.

As said above, technically legal but appears to give an endorsement to one party over another.