As written before, Dems in general and Obama in particular have an ingrained habit of not just bringing a knife to a gun fight, but bringing a used Kleenex to a gun fight. And they wonder why they lose so often. Fools.

Repubs have lots of other weapons in their armories: they own most of the voting machine (and related software and hardware) companies; they have officials in state, local and federal governments that actively seek to deny voting rights to likely Dem voters; they use secret money to buy elections; they evade, bend and break election laws; and they lie like fine Persian rugs at every opportunity. Dems could do all of these things but rarely do (not like the old days, that’s for sure).

Here’s the key to having a clean election: turnout. If the margin of victory is north of 6 percent, it is very difficult to flip enough votes without getting caught. Remembering the 2000 and 2004 elections (very close, lots of fishy activities) and contrasting them with 2008 (not even close, very few fishy activities), and seeing which party won should pretty well tell you that you need to get your arse to the polls.

Mr B & C