The best way of  understanding someone’s priorities is to look at how they spend their money, how they spend their time, who they spend their time with. During this silliest of all silly seasons, Mr. Blunt and Cranky has noticed something: Obama’ money has come mostly from many thousands of average schmoes giving a few bucks here and there; and Romney’s cash has come from a very few uber-rich motherf***ers, some of whom are hiding in the shadows.
But not all of them are completely hidden, and we can learn a lot about those who hates them a black President by how they spend their money, time, and their connections:

The Koch Brothers:  Serious, hardcore robber barons who want  to be rid of regulation and silly rules that protect workers, the public, and honest  business folk:

Karl Rove: Easily one of the scummiest political operatives since Caligula bought the Senate in ancient Rome:

Mitt Romney: an amoral, shallow, monetary sociopath who is fiercely loyal to his wife and kids,  and out the f***everyone else:

The financial vultures who are buying Romney’s campaign:

And so on, and so on. Nary a one of these people is interested in advancing the safety, security and public welfare of the American people. Rather, they are out for themselves and seek to have a free hand to  loot the lot of us, pollute the lot of us, and screw the lot of us. And Obama is not interested in helping them do so.

The average working schmuck is well-served by a vote for Obama: because he, unlike his opponents, has  no percentage in f***ing us over.

Mr. B & C