A two-post day in honor of tomorrow’s election: this post about Romney, the other about the President.  Each man has said some bull*** of his own, of course. Today, we shall talk about the stuff that others say about them.  So grab your nose as we dive straight into the manure pile that is political “discourse” in these degenerate times:

“Romney is better for business”: no matter who is Prexy, the markets will respond to market conditions.  Party makes no difference whatsoever, it’s all about the bottom line. Since the markets have been soaring under Obama, there is no evidence that Romney would make them soar any higher.

“Romney has a plan for (fill in the blank)”: not only has he not shared his plans, he has admitted that he will not do so until after the election. He doesn’t want you to know the details, because he’s afraid the plans would make people not want to vote for him.  Those must be some pretty nasty plans, one would agree.

“Romney knows how to create jobs”: he has never provided a solid jobs-created number that stood up to scrutiny.  He has conned a lot of people into believing that making money is synonymous with creating jobs, but in reality there is no such direct relationship.

“Romney will fix the immigration problem”: his family emigrated here from Mexico.  Legal immigrants to be sure, but remember WHY they went to Mexico in the first place: because they wanted to be polygamous.  They came back here only when they were afraid they’d get their asses shot off.

“Romney will protect our religious freedoms”: he will do quite the opposite. He is going to push the narrow, hate-based fundagelical radical tea-party agenda, which would make anyone other than right-wing dominionist sects into second-class citizens. Catholics, Jews, Moslems, Mainline Prods, all will be kicked to the back of the bus.

“Romney will get Big Government off our backs”: depends on who you are, and your net worth. Millionaires and billionaires will get more slack cut for them…but the average schmuck  will pay the bill for government (big or otherwise), be subject to more intrusive surveillance, eroded personal rights, and our wives & daughters will have a government overseer in their gynecologist’s offices.

You wanna vote for this guy? You deserve whatever happens to you.

Mr. B & C