Lindsey Stone is an idiot. Being an idiot is not a crime. But a load of self-righteous a**holes have appointed themselves judge and jury of said idiot, hounding her out of her job and God knows what else. And the majority of those pompous sphincters are cowards, bleating their outrage from the comfort and safety of their living rooms, secure and safe from consequences. At least old-fashioned lynch mobs, however repugnant they may have been, had to actually show up and get their hands dirty.

Where was this level of outrage when people threatened the life of the President? Where was it when elections were stolen? Where was it when the profiteering scumbags who caused the Great Recession got away scot-free? Those were actual illegal acts, not mere sophomoric idiocy. But the lynch mob, as they do so often, ignored the criminals.

This writer suggests that the difference is a different variety of cowardice: Ms. Stone is powerless and can do nothing to those who abuse her. Ah, but the congressmen, Senators, billionaires and gun-toting loons can, if they choose, cause much harm to those who annoy them. So the virtual pitchfork-and-torch bearers vent their spleens on a harmless fool and think themselves powerful, virtuous and right.

They are nothing more than bullies. And, like all bullies, they are cowards. Screw them.

Mr. B & C