Congress can yell and scream all they want; they can play Pin-The-Blame-On-The-Donkey ad nauseum; they can hold dueling press conferences until their faces turn orange; and some of the gullible among us will believe their screechy, whiny protestations. BUT:

The President does not get to spend much money. Almost all of the spending and the resulting  deficit and  debt (not the same thing)(really, look it up) comes from the actions and votes of our Congresscritters and Senators.

When Speaker Boehner and his confreres yowl about the Prexy spending too much money, they are bitching at the wrong person. Yo, John-Bob, you want to yell at a spendthrift politician? Just look in a mirror.

Mr. B & C

P.S. Bonus snark is due the “media” for not calling Johnny B. Not-So-Good out on this fact when he bleats and blathers about our “big-spending President”.