On the Left and on the Right, warnings of “it’s a trap” and “the sky is falling” are getting so numerous and loud, it can be hard to think sometimes. Plus, just like Chicken Little, most of the shriekers are over-reacting and the noise is making it hard to focus on real problems.

Panic is understandable, but a lot of this seems deliberate, a ruse to fool the foolish and gull the gullible. From the NRA and their “partners” in government who claim Obama is about to enslave us all,  to those on the Left who are  calling Obama a sellout, this artificial state of impending doom is designed to cause us to react out of fear and panic, and act according to their scripts.

Let’s all take a deep breath here. Even if the evil Obaminator wanted to take your guns, he can’t. Even if the Boehnerific One wanted to steal your Social Security, he can’t. The world will not end tomorrow, and there is not a  U.N. force hovering at the border, ready to swoop in and steal our hoarded canned goods and Twinkies. And no, Golden Eagles are not snatching toddlers.

Remember: con artists in and out of government like to yank our chains so as to get what they want. Don’t let them yank yours.

Admiral Akbar listened to Lando, calmed down, and everything was OK.  Chicken Little calmed down eventually, but caused lots of trouble beforehand. But neither of them should have been listened to in the first place.

Mr. B & C