Mr. Blunt and Cranky thinks it is time for some new words to describe our new breed of politicians: those who not only cheerfully sell themselves to the highest bidder, but fully admit to so doing. These blatantly corrupt swine are all about personal gain and clearly care nothing for the voters who elected them.

So if all these politicos care about is personal profit, let us then dub them “profitutes” and their profession as “profitution”.

Insulting, you say? How dare we compare the likes of John Boehner to common whores? Well , perhaps: but to this writer, it is the hookers who should be insulted. After all, those who sell sex for money are not violating a sworn oath to the constitution. And the Profitutes most certainly are: they take our tax dollars and give us nothing in return. At least a call girl provides the services she contracted for.

(Full disclosure: your humble correspondent has never had sex with a prostitute. He HAS, however, been screwed many times by profitutes.)

Mr. B & C