Mr. Blunt and Cranky has been watching the fiscal “cliff” drama unfold, and has been struck by the remarkable consistency of the Repubs in the face of catastrophe: said catastrophe created by said Elephants over the past years.  And they are willing (perhaps eager) to see families starving in the streets, seniors dying in droves, and the middle class squeezed until they finally burst; so long as their party can keep on raking in the dough.

Remember: most of our deficit was run up by the Congress during the reign of Bush The Dumber. It wasn’t until a Democrat  occupied the Oval Office that the Repubs suddenly cared about the red ink that blots our national ledger:

The “fiscal cliff” itself was created by “Republican” majorities over a year ago, and now they want us to believe all this is the fault of the Democrats. Sorry, boys, but we have the Internet and can read the history of what actually went down:

Repubs created most of our red ink; they created the current crisis; they are refusing to act like our constitutional system requires them to; and they are doing all of this for their own selfish, craven, crass, and greedy purposes.

This writer has no love for Dems, Lord knows, but they are at least trying to make a deal. They are listen to their constituents, at least give the Jackasses that much credit. The Repubs are listening to no one but their paymasters and party leaders.

Where’s President Washington when we need him?

Mr. B & C