We all remember the s*** that was spewed about rape by Akin, Mourdock, Limbaugh, et. al. How women are sluts, how they “rape easy”, and how some rapes are “legitimate” and some are not rape at all. Much condemnation was heaped upon their heads, and deservedly so.

But our words and actions have consequences, and on Wednesday we saw a truly revolting example of what lessons are taught to our children by our “leaders”. Anonymous (not typically on Mr. Blunt and Cranky’s good-guy list) released a video of teens laughing and glorifying a gang rape: Steubenville Rape Jokes

Let’s put it bluntly: these kids see the adults who run the country either promoting such attitudes or standing idly by whole others do. And they learn from the examples that our “leaders” set. And having seen that our leaders think rape is either OK or a big joke, they follow the examples that have been set for them.

Much shame is being showered upon the dolt in the video and the insufficiently-prosecuted rapists who committed the revolting crime of gang raping an unconscious girl. This writer wholly approves of this public shaming and hopes it teaches the scum a lesson.

But the “leaders” who told those kids that rape was no big deal? As is usually the case, there is no accountability or responsibility for these people. The wealthy, influential and powerful are not subject to the same laws as we little people.

It is time for grownups to act like grownups: regardless of our station or circumstance, we are (like it or not) role models for young people. And they will follow our lead. Even if it is on a path towards disgusting, criminal, or sociopathic behavior.

Watch the video. After you are done vomiting, remember the words of the “Republicans” who told these kids that rape is OK. Then do what you can to give our children some better role models. Maybe the next teenaged girl who passes out will get help from her classmates instead of being brutally raped by them, and mocked afterwards.

Mr. B & C