Mr. Blunt and Cranky heard a phrase once that described the scumbucket rapists and their enablers in Steubenville, OH to an inch: “Mama threw away the baby and raised the afterbirth.”

Rude, you say? Insensitive, over the top perhaps? Read the article below, watch the videos, follow the links, and then say that the above phrase is not appropriate:
It is Even Worse

Or check this link if your stomach isn’t that strong: Not as detailed

If a tenth of this is true, then a lot of people in Steubenville have a hole inside themselves where their morals should be. And calling them afterbirth is, quite frankly, better than they deserve.

If this writer ran the show, each and every person who raped; aided and abetted a rape; covered up a rape; supported the rapists; or abused a rape victim in any way, shape or form would be bound, gagged, and left alone with their victims and the families of the victims. And the victims could do anything they wanted to their rapists, with no legal consequences.

Why not? That is  about how much law and order Steubenville, OH has used on the rapists, after all. The victims deserve at least as much liberty as the criminals.

Mr. B & C