A quick reminder of why Barack Obama won re-election (and a fair few other Dems got elected too) in 2012: it was in large part because the Teabaggers and other right-wing extremist loons revealed themselves to be, well, extremist loons. They rejected compromise, refused to consider anything but their “pure and principled” philosophical positions. And the voters kicked out (or didn’t elect in the first place) some of the most radical of these “purists”. The pursuit of ideological perfection turned out to be a really, REALLY bad idea.

So what did the RepubliBaggers do when they got to Washington D.C. this week? Why, they immediately started right back in playing the “purer-than-thou” card as if it were a smart card to play. Never mind that the voters clearly said “knock that crap off and act like grown-ups”, no, the Raging Righties in their Tightie Whities are doubling down on what has been proven to be a losing hand. In the immortal words of that great philosopher Bugs Bunny: Maroons. Imbessiles. Tar-rar-rah-goon-dee-yays.

And to prove that the Right has no monopoly on idiocy, lots of people on the Left are doing the exact same thing, just with a different set of principles to judge the insufficient purity and perfection of their politicos in the Democratic Party. Yes, these zeebs are saying “ya know, being uncompromising zealots totally got our opponents’ wedding tackle kicked in. We should do the same thing they did.” Even Bugs Bunny hasn’t got words to describe THAT level of stupid.

Our nation is not of one mind, and no single set of purist, extremist principles will ever convince us all. Hasn’t happened. Not gonna happen. Extremists are a minority, and however perfect and right their ideas may be, the vast majority of Americans will not buy into those ideas completely. So insisting that, say, the Prexy institute a Socialist Paradise is just as doomed to failure as expecting the Speaker to create a Libertarian Utopia.

This nation is just too diverse, too vast, and full of too many contumacious jerks to ever reach a consensus on anything pertaining to ideology, religion, philosophy, or one of such. We are a nation built on compromise – in fact, our very system of government is a compromise. There is no chance of either the Far Left or the Extreme Right convincing 100% of Americans to follow their path.

That being the case, and having seen the recent failure of extremists who hewed the Right-Wing Tea Party line, one has to wonder why anyone with half a brain who choose to emulate the Tea Party’s 2012 strategy. This writer has concluded that some on the Left possess stupidity in truly epic quantities.

Mr. B & C