Last week, a whole raft of people showed up in Steubenville, Ohio, newly self-crowned Rape Capital of the World. They showed up to demand that law enforcement, well, enforce some laws. Seems like a reasonable request.

They were addressed by Sheriff Fred Abdalla, who said, in short, “f*** off”. The investigation is done, he said, nobody else is being charged, he said. Why is is this a lie?

Why, it is a lie because when he said those words, the State Attorney General had already taken over the case. Abdalla and his pals at the Steubenville PD have been relieved of the case. So Abdalla has no way of knowing doodly-squat about the case or its progress. He was just making s*** up.

This would not be such a big deal, except for the victim of the most recent rape: already blown off by the prosecuting attorney, vilified by locals, terrorized by the adults and teens who have had absolute immunity from prosecution for decades as they rape women and molest children; on top of all that, Sheriff Abdalla was making sure she knew that he and his network of scumbuckets will make sure she pays for the crimes committed against her. And that the criminals will remain free to rape again.

F*** that lying sack of s***. And instead of crowning him with a crown of polished turds, let’s forcibly insert it into a part of his body where it really doesn’t belong. Seems fair to this writer.

Mr. B & C