If Mr. Blunt and Cranky were to shout “BANG BANG BANG” as a Popemobile went by, he’d be smothered by cops and suchlike in about a nanosecond. Never mind the First Amendment.

And if he started a religion that urged his parishoners to kill politicians, he’d probably be shot to death in short order. Never mind the Establishment Clause.

And if he decided to flip the bird to the IRS, he’d be in jail so fast it would make your head swim. And so on.

The point of these quaint examples? Here it is: all the gun-crazed tools of the armament industry really, REALLY need to take a Reality Pill or something.

There are no rights in our Constitution that are completely unrestricted, and for good reason. We humans kinda need regulated a bit, to keep us from nuking, stabbing, robbing, cheating, and generally screwing each other to death.

So when Congress gets off its loathsome, spotted behind and votes in a few weenie-arsed, girlie-man restictions on our guns, relax. It won’t be the end of the world.

Mr. B & C