Obama’s Speech is, in Mr. Blunt and Cranky’s ever-so-humble opinion, a great one for anyone with an ounce of Center in their bones.

Liberals are crowing and Righties are cursing, each wing flapping away as it hears what it wants to hear. Hardly unusual, if disappointing. But the speech (read it, peeps) is not some flaming Communist Manifesto, regardless of how the pundits may try to present it as such.

No, it is a sensible, fact-based, consensus-building appeal to the values in our Constitution and the involvement of the electorate. He is saying that we the people need to do more than vote every few years: we need to follow the law of the land, and hold our “Representatives” to account.

As a proud Radical Centrist, this writer finds a lot to like in Obama’s second Inaugural Speech. Now, if the clowns in The Dizzy City Circus can actually live up to the ancient principles espoused in said address, (and we citizens make them do it) we just might be able to have a government of, by, and for the people again.

Unlikely, but possible. And well worth the effort.

Mr. B & C