Phyllis Schafly’s idiot son has, in his wisdom,determined that Einstein was a fount of “liberal claptrap”. In addition to this breathtaking insight, he has determined that modern physics has been created to make more women have abortions.

Read the article if you have nothing better to do. In it the Bible is, once again, cited as the ultimate scientific authority, which often happens when partially-educated people try to use “logic” to come up with the answer they want (instead of the correct answer).

The big problem is; lots of people who haven’t taken lots of science classes will read this article, note the appearance of erudition, and believe what they are reading. And that would be a crying shame.

The ultimate irony? Because of these Fundagelical anti-reality crusaders, America is not turning out enough engineers and scientists to fill all of the jobs that require them. So we have to hire foreigners to do the jobs that require scientific knowledge. And many of the same Fundie loons that are dumbing-down our people are also fiercely anti-immigrant.

So, by crusading against one thing they hate, they are creating something else they hate: and of course, they are too stupid to realize it.

Mr. B & C