Mr. Blunt and Cranky might just crack a smile. This is a rare occurrence, indeed. But if this ruling holds up, there might cause for at least a bit of happiness in one American state.

You see, Minnesota has passed a law that requires politicians to tell the truth in their campaign advertisements and speeches. No doubt it will be resisted by politicos of all sorts, because, well, how would politicians communicate if they couldn’t lie?

Three’ll get you five that it gets challenged on First Amendment grounds: the manky old wankers who “represent” us will try to get the courts to believe that lying to voters is protected as “free speech”. Let’s hope the courts don’t swallow that line of hooey.

If this survives court challenges and the like, then the Cranky Fam may just have to relocate to New Sweden. No way such a bill could be enacted in Ohio.

Mr. B & C