Once you understand that, the actions of Congressional Repubs make perfect sense. And it’s not as if they haven’t told us about this goal. Indeed, starting with Reagan and continuing through Gingrich and Norquist to the present day, the message has been clear and consistent: the government is the problem, and indeed your enemy. That is how modern Teapublicans think. Google it if you don’t believe it.

This is why Repubs were willing to: let the government go bankrupt; go over the fiscal cliff; allow the sequestration to go forward; eliminate insurance programs that citizens have paid for over the decades, and so on. Each of these catastrophes would weaken the nation as a whole and the government in particular, making it easy to “drown it in a bathtub”.

Remember when sequestration was first passed into law by Congress? The underlying premise was that the cuts to government were so severe that no politician would allow them to occur; thus action would be taken to avert the cuts. That made sense when we thought Teapublicans cared about the strength and stability of our government.

Now that we know they DON’T want the government to be strong and stable, the reasoning behind their actions of the past few years is clear. By taking the actions they have, they are weakening the government that they are sworn to serve. And doing so with malice aforethought.

To this writer, that strongly resembles treason. Of course, the Cranky One could be wrong; if he is, we’ll know it when the Elephants start acting as if they care about the government and its citizens. Until that unlikely event occurs, we’d best be treating “Republicans” as what they are: enemies bent on destroying our freedoms.

Mr. B & C