Yes, friends, this week we have a dyyyyyyyy-NAM-ic duo of recipients for this week’s Crowns O’ Polished Turds. The “Republican” leaders of the House and Senate (respectively)(NOT respectfully) pretty clearly have been lying like orange shag rugs for over a year. And how, gentle readers, does Mr. Blunt and Cranky discern this? Tres’ simplez, mon amis:

A while back, they negotiated and signed off on a deal that included a sequestration of funds if another, later, deal was not reached. Now we see (by their actions, such as leaving town this week during the teenytiny amount of time remaining to make a deal) that they have no intention of reaching said deal, and probably never did. Hundreds of thousands of people will lose jobs, our borders will be less protected, our military will be less effective, all because these two sacks of s*** lied with such amazing ability.

Remember in March, when the economy takes a gigantic dump, that these two motherf***ers could have kept it from happening. And instead, by lying, they purposely made it happen.

Mr. B & C