First the good news: various and sundry politicos are finally thinking about creating a coherent national policy around immigration. Yay.

Now for the bad news: the reason progress is occurring because the “Republicans” got their crotches kicked in during the last election, and they want to curry favor with the Latino vote.

If it were being done to enhance our national security; boost our economy; live up to the founding principles of our republic; or for some other worthy purpose, it would reflect well on Congress. But, of course, there is no concern about the country; only the desire to keep their cushy jobs and the bribes that come with them.

America’s priorities used to be noble things, based on principles and aspirations. Really. Read our founding documents. Now it seems the only priorities for our “representatives” are based on how deeply their snouts can be inserted into the hog trough of power, bribery, and fame.

Mr. B & C