Little Johnny Boehner has completely lost his mind. Or he thinks that the Constitution does not apply to His Royal Orangeness.  Or he really wants Sequestration to f*** our economic s*** up. Either way, he is showing negative leadership (to put it kindly): Speaker Boehner is saying that the Senate has to take the lead on budget proposals to avoid the Sequester. This is lunacy, because the Senate isn’t allowed to take action.

The Constitution says that the House has to initiate any action that involves spending or taxing. And any bills that the House passed in the last session that did not make it to the Prexy’s desk  are dead (also per the Constitution). So the House still has to pass new bills in the new Congress before the Senate is allowed to take action.

In other words, John-Boy, it’s your own ass that needs to be gotten off of.

Mr. B & C