Yes, Gentle Readers, it is so. Over the past three decades, the government has given itself the right to be ever more intrusive when it comes to our private lives, and ever more secretive when it comes to their own activities.

Think of all the ways these alleged believers in “small government” have poked their noses into the most intimate areas of our lives: our financial dealings, emails, phone calls, family planning, travel (including what we pack), even up to and including the putting of parts of their bodies into ours without consent.

All this and more have those who were once our “representatives” given themselves the right to control, with or without our consent.

Meanwhile, they lie to us, steal from us, and manipulate us, all the while hiding their actions and motivations. Try getting some information from, say, Dick Cheney or “Dollar Bill” sometime and see how much you get. (Buckshot in the face does not count as transparency.)

Sunshine Week is a time for us to remember this, and seek change. But we must not stop come Monday. Make every week the time to demand your government play it straight and honest with you. If we can do that, the crooks will leave the halls of power and look for other fields and pastures new in which to play their sordid games and spun their fetid little intrigues.

Mr. B & C