See those smug, smirking faces? Those are the two scumball rapists, sneering and chuckling as they listen to graphic testimony about the crimes they committed. They fully expect to be acquitted, to get away with their crimes, as they always have done, throughout their entire lives.

And if they are allowed to get away with kidnapping, rape, torture and other vile acts, they will learn that they can do anything they want, anywhere they want, whenever they want, and to whomever they want to abuse. And so will every other boy in that s***hole town of theirs.

Please, Mr. Judge, just this once blame the rapist instead of the victim. Just once ignore the football boosters and the crooks and perverts who run the town and apply the law instead. Only then will these two shits have a chance at redemption. Only then will girls have a chance at a terror- free life. Only then will we be a nation of laws again.

Mr. B & C