Edie Windsor, the plaintiff in the DOMA case that was heard yesterday at the Supreme Court, summed up the case better than any of the lawyers or Jurists ever could: “If Thea’s name had been Theo…”. Brilliantly pointing out the absurdity of our stupid laws that force gay Americans to live as second-class citizens.

One letter in a name; one X chromosome; that is what it’s about. Because Edie and Thea were legally married according to the laws of New York, Edie shouldn’t have had to pay $363,000.00 in Death Taxes when Thea died after a long battle with MS. But because a homophobic Congress passed a stupid law called the “Defense of Marriage Act” (and because that horndog Bubba signed it), she got ripped off, big time, by her own government.

Politicians love to squawk about the Death Tax, and give speeches about how evil it is: many of the loudest squawkers are, however, also supporters of DOMA. So it’s once again, one letter that determines the degree of their hypocrisy. If you’re straight, Estate Taxes are badbadbad; if you’re gay, they are a just and righteous punishment upon you – so say the homophobic bigots who have been running the show around here for the past few decades.

One letter in a name should not give the government license to discriminate, to steal, to ruin the lives of taxpaying citizens. But until DOMA goes away, that one letter will continue to do so.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky